Adapting Your Digital Marketing Strategy during the Covid-19 Crisis

Ensure your business survives Covid-19.

The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic is undeniable. Businesses in almost all sectors are taking a hit, especially the hospitality industry and spa & beauty salons.

The Covid-19 crisis is forcing many businesses to rethink their operations but this does not necessarily mean that business operations have to end entirely. With so many people working remotely, your digital marketing strategy is more important than ever.

According to Telus, data consumption has increased by 40% in Canada alone. Besides an increase of online activity, online consumer behaviour has also changed and digital marketing services are adjusting to it. These shifts in online behaviour have also caused the service providers to make changes, including digital marketing perks and incentives for businesses.

Here are 4 important ways for restaurants, bars, hotels, salons and spas to adjust. Not to mention other industries that are also impacted.

This is the time for businesses to take a strong look at their digital marketing strategy during the covid-19 situation and adjust accordingly.

Rethink Already Scheduled Posts

The first step in adapting a digital marketing strategy during the covid-19 situation is analysing the existing plan. Focus especially on the social media posts that are already scheduled since these are a key representation of how the business is reacting to the health scare.

One big mistake that businesses are making is leaving their already scheduled posts and digital ad campaigns as is. It is very likely that the messaging behind these posts and ads is no longer relevant and could even be seen as insensitive to the situation.

So, consult with your digital marketing specialist or social media marketer to check which scheduled posts and online social media ads need editing or even canceling. The important messages now are awareness and solidarity so let this shine through in your brand image.

Avoid Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads that call for socialising in groups. Instead, provide tips and inspiration on how your customers can still enjoy your services from the safety of their own home.

Offer Home Delivery Services

Retail has been experiencing a shift towards increased home delivery services for years but one of the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak is that other industries have to make the same change. Home delivery services are one clever marketing strategy for restaurants, bars and even spas and salons to cope with the limitations placed on public spaces.

In terms of operations, offering a home delivery service requires a carefully thought out logistical plan. For restaurants it may be easier to set a system in place but for bars, salons and spas more planning is needed because they do not traditionally offer this service. Creating an app could help with the logistics.

A possibility for bars is creating make-your-own cocktail kits, pre-prepared with the exact measurements for individual servings of their signature cocktails or enough for a pitcher that people can keep in the fridge. Since salon and spa services have a lot of physical contact, a safer home delivery option could be a home spa kit, packaged similar to a gift basket.

Don’t forget to carefully and strategically market these new at-home services. The recently freed up ad space and social media posts (see tip 1) are the ideal platform for advertising the new home delivery service.

Focus on Creating Interactive Content

If a home delivery service is not possible, the digital marketing strategy becomes even more important since this is the only way to connect to your customer base. Digital content is a great way to engage the audience and interactive marketing is much more effective in developing brand loyalty.

This is the time to bulk up your content creation and invest in the blog, make videos, launch live streams and seek out engagement through social media tools such as Instagram Stories, Twitter Polls or Facebook Groups. Tutorial videos are also a great way to foster the relationship you have with your audience while they are spending more time at home.

Engaging content, like the above examples, add brand value that goes beyond the actual product which in turn fosters brand loyalty. Your customer base may not be able to make use of your regular services at the moment but they can still show support for your business.

In the content, refer to the covid-19 situation to show awareness and solidarity but maintain a positive tone. Let the content be a fun pastime during social distancing, not a medium to spread panic and stress.

Google Ads & Social Media Advertising is Cheaper: Invest Now

The economic effects of Covid-19 has created at least one perk for a business digital marketing strategy. The cost of digital advertising on all platforms has gone down.

Both the Cost Per Click (CPC) and the Cost Per Mille (CPM) are steadily decreasing which means that buying digital ad space is becoming more affordable. This is a welcome development considering businesses need to re-market themselves in light of the coronavirus outbreak and push the services they are offering during social distancing.

However, there is one note on creating digital ad campaigns: organic content is seeing greater engagement than paid content. This is a growing trend since 2019 and is expecting to only continue during 2020.

In other words, find a balance between the digital ad campaign and the content creation when adjusting the digital marketing strategy during the Covid-19 crisis. As mentioned, the tone that a company is setting is very important so let us help you with developing the Google Ads and social media ads that are still appropriate for the current situation.

In summary, adapting the digital marketing strategy during covid-19 is an essential step for businesses. Not only does it prevent bad publicity but it could also mean the difference between surviving the economic effects or completely closing.

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