Prospekt Digital | Digital Marketing Services for Hospitality Companies Adapting your Business to Covid-19 for the Hospitality Industry

Adapting Your Digital Marketing Strategy during the Covid-19 Crisis

Ensure your business survives Covid-19.

The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic is undeniable. Businesses in almost all sectors are taking a hit, especially the hospitality industry and spa & beauty salons.

The Covid-19 crisis is forcing many businesses to rethink their operations but this does not necessarily mean that business operations have to end entirely. With so many people working remotely, your digital marketing strategy is more important than ever.

According to Telus, data consumption has increased by 40% in Canada alone. Besides an increase of online activity, online consumer behaviour has also changed and digital marketing services are adjusting to it. These shifts in online behaviour have also caused the service providers to make changes, including digital marketing perks and incentives for businesses.

Here are 4 important ways for restaurants, bars, hotels, salons and spas to adjust. Not to mention other industries that are also impacted.