Advertising Staycations at Your Hotel

How to Play Into the Staycations Trends in Hotel Digital Ads

This summer, tourists are not travelling to the other side of the globe, mostly because covid-19 travel restrictions don’t allow them to. Instead, families, couples and friends are choosing to go on a staycation.

Advertising staycations at your hotel is one way to boost the occupancy rate while waiting for the tourism industry to recover. This is how you can play into the staycations trends with your hotel’s digital ads.

What Is a Staycation and Why Is It More Popular?

A staycation is a vacation without moving location. It can refer to overnight stays in the same city, area or in the same country.

When people go on a staycation they do not go abroad but still have a vacation. It has been a growing trend for years but the travel restrictions related to the coronavirus outbreak has seen even more people going the staycation route.

Before the travel restrictions, staycations grew in popularity because these types of vacations are likely to be more affordable, less hassle and more easily customised. It works great for families that don’t like long travel hours with young kids. Those that are more environmentally conscious may also choose a staycation to cut down on their carbon footprint.

Why Promoting Staycations at Your Hotel Is a Good Idea

Hotels are allowed to open but how do you boost your occupancy rate when international travel is so restricted? In the post-covid19 economy, staycations are a solution to the drastic drop in tourism

Even when putting the coronavirus aftereffects aside, staycations at your hotel are worth looking into. Focusing on the staycation trends in your hotel ads can draw in local crowds, a crowd that is more easily reached throughout the year.

The advantage of promoting staycations at your hotel is that you have the chance to create a steady stream of guests. Tourism is seasonal but if the guests already live in your area it is much easier for them to check-in for a weekend trip.

In short, promoting staycations at your hotel gives you a more steady revenue stream throughout the year.

The Most Important Staycation Trends in Hotel Digital Ads

So, how do you best promote staycation trends in hotel digital ads? What should you focus on in your digital advertising to make your hotel more inviting to a local audience?

These are our tips for how to play into staycation trends in hotel digital ads.

1. Offer Luxury

When advertising staycations at your hotel, give the audience a peek into what kind of luxury awaits them. People look forward to treating themselves during their vacation and as a hotel you are particularly well-equipped to offer guests a luxurious experience.

Show how beautiful your rooms are, how relaxing the beds are, the large tub perfect for a bubble bath, the indulgent breakfast your restaurant serves, the fine wine selection and the soothing spa treatments. They may not be able to go abroad but they can still receive a 5-star experience close to home.

Videos work exceptionally well in conveying luxury so trying incorporating this visual tool into your hotel’s digital ads. Instagram is an ideal platform for videos since you can upload clips of different lengths.

Instagram Stories are great for short 15 second clips – these pop up as people scroll through their friend’s stories. Longer videos can be uploaded as a sponsored post which appears in their regular feed.

2. Include Family Deals

Families with young children make up a large proportion of the people booking a staycation. This is one of the staycation trends that you can’t afford to pass over.

One of the biggest draws of a staycation is that it is more affordable than buying plane tickets for the entire family. Include the perks that you can offer families in your hotel digital ads, show what kind of fun they can have at more friendly budget.

Families tend to put a lot of research into their vacations so Google Ads are a smart choice for promoting staycations at your hotel. There is the option for a text-only search result ad or a sponsored banner appearing on third-party sites.

In the search results ads, get across how much they will be saving by booking a staycation at your hotel. For the banners, include visual elements that show a happy family on top of the deal you are offering.

3. Emphasize Your Location

Whether you are a small B&B surrounded by nature or a centrally located city hotel, your location is one of your biggest selling points for staycations at your hotel. Your job is to introduce your local guests to another side that they are less familiar with.

This means that the staycation trends in hotel digital trends should also include the allure of the surroundings. Why should guest book a night at your hotel instead of taking a daytrip?

Facebook Ads are an interesting option for conveying the neighborhood perks. Facebook Ads feel a lot more personal and it lets you have viewers interact with each other – a digital form of word of mouth.

Incorporate the staycation trends in hotel digital ads that you post on Facebook. Create ads that provoke people to comment and like so that news travels quickly about your hotel.

Advertising staycations at your hotel is a clever investment. It is a growing trend and a welcome one considering the after effects of covid-19.

At Prospekt Digital, we know just how to tap into the staycation trends with hotel digital ads. We know when, where and how your target audience does their research for their next staycation.

Collaborate with us to create an effective advertising strategy for staycations at your hotel. With our insights in digital ads and your passion for your hotel, we can set up staycation ads with good click-through rates and a ROI that is worth it.

Marketing your hotel doesn’t have to be difficult. Contact us, you won’t be disappointed. 

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