Effective Remarketing Strategies for Hotels

HOW TO USE REMARKETING FOR HOTEL LEAD GENERATION Remarketing strategies for hotels may sound like a buzzword but it really works effectively in boosting bookings. It helps you reach the right audience for a higher ROI in lead generation. Find out all you need to know about remarketing strategies for hotels and how to use […]

A Guide to Local SEO for Hotels

Hotel SEO Tips for Attracting Nearby Guests Smart local SEO for hotels makes your hotel synonymous with your location. In other words, when people are searching for a hotel in your city, your hotel will be the first one they find. Investing in local SEO is important for lead generation. It is just one part […]

The Best Virtual Salon Services to Keep Your Business Going

Online Services Ideas for Beauty Salons Virtual salon services offer you a way to keep your business going during social distancing regulations. Even after local businesses are allowed to open again, these online services ideas can add to your monthly revenue and boost customer engagement. Read on for our top 10 online services ideas for […]

Google Ads for Restaurants: The Most Important Questions and Answers

All You Need to Know About Google Ads for Restaurants Google Ads for restaurants are an undeniably effective tool for marketing your restaurant. In the right hands, it reaches your target audience and delivers the best ROI of all paid advertising. However, as with any Google tool, there is a lot of confusing language, data […]

How to Market Your Restaurant Locally

8 Steps for How to Attract Local Customers If you know how to market your restaurant locally, you will always have filled seats. Attract local customers to gain the most loyal and frequent table guests. They are a steady source of income for your restaurant business. Engage your local community and build a solid customer […]

The Quick Local SEO Guide for Spas

This local SEO guide for spas gets your brand name on the map, quite literally. Prospekt Digital’s top tips for local SEO help small businesses grow both their online visibility and traffic and increases walk-ins. By now, you may have already heard about the importance of search engine optimization for small businesses. So, what is […]

Restaurant Website Design for More Reservations Now

The Key Elements of Restaurant Website Design for Boosting Reservations Our restaurant website design has one goal: getting you more reservations now. Most customers Google a restaurant before making a reservation so your web design better be mouthwatering. Let’s get into the statistics for why you need a website for customers to find your restaurant. […]

How Spa SEO Drives Traffic to Your Website

Top Spa SEO Tips that Guarantee Traffic to Your Website ‘SEO drives traffic to your website’ is a marketing mantra for any business, not just spas. However, it is especially important for services like spas because more traffic leads to more bookings. A simple online reservation system does wonders for increasing the number of appointments […]