The Best Virtual Salon Services to Keep Your Business Going

Online Services Ideas for Beauty Salons

Virtual salon services offer you a way to keep your business going during social distancing regulations. Even after local businesses are allowed to open again, these online services ideas can add to your monthly revenue and boost customer engagement.

Read on for our top 10 online services ideas for beauty salons. Whether you are a nail salon, hair salon or makeup artist, these virtual salon services are a great addition to your menu.

1. Virtual Salon Services Tutorial Videos

Why don’t you offer beauty tutorial videos as part of your virtual salon services? On Youtube, beauty tutorials are extremely popular. So popular that beauty vloggers build entire careers around them.

Start with teaching the basics within your beauty niche or hop on to the trends. For example, a basics tutorial for hair salons could be how to trim split ends. A trendy hair styling tutorial could be how to perfection the high bun.

These tutorial videos should be fun and easy to follow. Take it slow and show every single step on camera.

2. Start a Beauty Blog

Virtual salon services can pull double duty. Besides offering your clients extra services, they can also be used for digital marketing purposes.

Starting a beauty blog on your salon website is essential for online marketing. It is an SEO optimization tool which helps increase your brand’s online visibility.

Your brand’s personal beauty blog is also a great way to establish expertise in your field. Consider it your platform for sharing advice, opinions and ideas on trending beauty topics.

3. Host Virtual Happy Hours

Prefer virtual salon services that are more social than instructional? Why not host a virtual happy hour with your clients.

Everyone can check in at a predetermined time via Skype or Zoom and start sipping together. As a host, it is your job to keep the conversation going so plan this ahead of time.

Here are a few ideas for casual topics that everyone can talk about;

4. DIY Beauty Product Livestreams

Want to engage your clients in something more active than a beauty talk session? Plan for a livestream where you guide your clients through making their own DIY beauty products.

DIY beauty products are growing in popularity. People love them because they are cost-saving and often much more natural than regular store-bought products.

Do you stock beauty products in your salon? Then, consider also stocking the raw ingredients that you need for that particular DIY beauty product. That’s another income source for you.

5. Video Chat Consults

Feel like multiple people on multiple screens is too much for you? Then consider offering one-on-one virtual consults, instead.

This is one of the online services ideas that every beauty salon should add to their regular services list. Plenty of clients want to get their stylist’s opinion on a certain look but don’t have the time to actually walk into the salon.

Video chat consults are a fantastic way to add extra revenue to your books. You and your team can schedule calls no matter where you are. The recommended consultation duration is between 15 – 30 minutes.

6. Beauty Subscription Box

Another great stream of revenue are beauty subscription boxes. They are exciting to receive for your clients and a clever way to introduce new products to your clients.

Although there is no online interaction with this virtual salon services ideas, there is most definitely an online component. Make sure there is a section on your website covering everything they need to know about the products in the box.

Better yet, build a personalized salon app for a better customer experience.

7. Home Delivery Self Care Kit

If your salon business does not have the logistical capacity to set up a beauty subscription box, consider still offering another kind of home delivery service. On your website, save a section for carefully curated self care kits.

These self care kits are fantastic gift ideas which can help introduce your brand to new customers. After all, nothing is as promising as a referral from a friend.

8. Complete Professional Beauty Course

As a salon owner, you must have trained a fair share of your staff. Give beauty enthusiasts a chance to learn some of those skills with a complete beauty course led by a true professional.

Online courses are increasingly popular. Many businesses are adding online courses to their offerings to encourage a new generation to follow them in the field.

9. Masterclass in How to Start a Salon Business

Taking it one step further than the online beauty courses is developing a masterclass in how to start your own salon business. If you have years of experience and a successful salon business to show for it, you are a source of inspiration.

Of all the virtual salon services this is the most ambitious. However, it could also be the most lucrative. People are willing to pay good money for business coaches and masterclasses.

10. Online Home Services Booking System

All of the above virtual salon services require one essential tool: an online booking system. An online booking system is unmissable for keeping your salon business running so chances are you already have one in place.

All that is left to do now is expand its functions so that your clients can also book the other online services through the same web app or mobile app. The Prospekt Digital team can solve this for you.

Going digital is not only a way to better serve your clients, it also offers extra revenue streams for your salon business. Virtual salon services are relatively simple to set up, as long as you have an expert that knows how to do so.

Looking to expand your salon services online? Let Prospekt Digital help you set it up.

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