Instagram Stories for Hotels

How Do You Promote Your Hotel with Instagram Stories? Instagram Stories for Hotels are a fantastic creative marketing channel. It lets you promote your hotel to the target audience directly, in an interactive and bite size format. When using Instagram for hotel marketing, it is important to also post enough stories into your weekly content. […]

Advertising Staycations at Your Hotel

How to Play Into the Staycations Trends in Hotel Digital Ads This summer, tourists are not travelling to the other side of the globe, mostly because covid-19 travel restrictions don’t allow them to. Instead, families, couples and friends are choosing to go on a staycation. Advertising staycations at your hotel is one way to boost […]

Effective Remarketing Strategies for Hotels

HOW TO USE REMARKETING FOR HOTEL LEAD GENERATION Remarketing strategies for hotels may sound like a buzzword but it really works effectively in boosting bookings. It helps you reach the right audience for a higher ROI in lead generation. Find out all you need to know about remarketing strategies for hotels and how to use […]

A Guide to Local SEO for Hotels

Hotel SEO Tips for Attracting Nearby Guests Smart local SEO for hotels makes your hotel synonymous with your location. In other words, when people are searching for a hotel in your city, your hotel will be the first one they find. Investing in local SEO is important for lead generation. It is just one part […]