Effective Remarketing Strategies for Hotels


Remarketing strategies for hotels may sound like a buzzword but it really works effectively in boosting bookings. It helps you reach the right audience for a higher ROI in lead generation.

Find out all you need to know about remarketing strategies for hotels and how to use remarketing for lead generation that increases your hotel reservations.

What Are Remarketing Strategies for Hotels?

Remarketing, sometimes also called retargeting, is a lead generation strategy. It involves targeting audiences that have already interacted with the brand but not yet converted.

In other words, web visitors that have been on your website or social media channels but have not made a hotel reservation yet are exposed to personalised ads or offers.

Remarketing strategies for hotels relies on the assumption that people that have already interacted with your brand are more likely to convert than people that have not. When done well, remarketing has a high ROI than other marketing and targeting strategies.

Why Is Remarketing for Hotel Lead Generation Better?

These are the reasons why remarketing strategies for hotels are more effective in increasing bookings than many other more generalised marketing tactics.

1. Higher ROI

When done properly, remarketing strategies are better at turning leads into conversions. Basically, it lets hotels cast a smaller net but with a higher chance of grabbing a new guest.

The cost of Facebook Ads, other social media ads and Google ads often goes up for reaching a larger audience. With remarketing your aim is a smaller audience which is more affordable yet more profitable, at the same time.

2. Personalised Ads

Personalised ads are always more effective than general advertisements. This is because today’s society is more demanding and expects a personalised experience.

Besides meeting their expectations, creating personalised ads also lets you press all the right buttons. If your ad can include everything that person has been searching the web for, you are a match made in heaven.

3. Sweetens the Deal

Many remarketing strategies for hotels involve sending the retargeted audience personalised deals. This is to give the guest that final extra push to make the hotel booking.

Often, the first interaction with your brand is in the exploratory phase when they are still weighing all their options. Make sure that you tip the scales in favour of your hotel.

4. Beat Your Competition to It

In the exploratory phase, competition with other hotels is at its fiercest. If your remarketing for hotel lead generation is set up efficiently, you can grab the guest before your competition does.

Have a digital marketing expert with experience in hotel marketing look into the most effective times and places for a personalised ad. That is how you secure a booking before competing hotels get the chance.

How to Remarket Your Hotel Effectively

Knowing why remarketing for hotel lead generation is more effective is one thing. You and your team also need to understand how it works.

1. Target No-Action Visitors

Firstly, effective remarketing strategies for hotels focus on no-action visitors i.e. the audience that needs the greatest push. This is the audience that needs the greatest convincing and are at greatest risk of booking elsewhere.

If a potential guest has already landed on your booking app, they are likely to make a reservation. They are already further down the sales funnel and don’t need extra convincing via a paid personalised ad.

Create Google Ads, Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads that catch the eye of an audience that already knows your brand but needs an extra push to experience it for themselves.

2. Offer a Better Deal

Whether we like it or not, hotel room rates are a major deciding factor for guests. Everybody loves a good deal, including your guests so give it to them.

Does their online behaviour show interest in your hotel but something is holding them back from finalising the booking? Make your hotel even more attractive with a special deal, just for them.

You can send the deal through an email newsletter or through direct contact via your social media channels. It will make them feel extra special.

3. Optimize SEO in Your Ads

SEO plays a big role in remarketing strategies for hotels. That is how you identify the right audience for your personalised remarketing ads.

For the most effective SEO, you need to know what your target audience is looking for and where they hang out online. This can be a minefield so it is best to consult a SEO expert.

4. Get the Dimensions Right

Branding is everything if you want to improve your online visibility. This includes making sure all your digital marketing efforts are on point.

One of the most disappointing mistakes in remarketing for hotel lead generation is placing ugly ads. Different platforms have different dimensions and requirements so create individual ads for each space. You risk tarnishing your brand image if you don’t.

5. Don’t Spam Your Audience

Know why telemarketers always call during specific times of day? Those are the times they are most likely to get your attention. This concept also translates to digital marketing.

Effective remarketing for hotel lead generation also involves correct timing. You need to when an ad gets the most clicks and focus on those specific times.

Do not bombard your target audience with paid ads left and right. This appears spammy and makes your brand less attractive.

We only touched on the basics of remarketing strategies for hotels. In reality, this is a comprehensive strategy for increasing hotel bookings that requires a lot of insight and skill.

Hotel marketing is a competitive field so you want to stay ahead of your competition. Let the team at Prospekt Digital help you stay ahead of the curve and reach your target audience first.

Let us handle the backend tasks of getting your remarketing for hotel lead generation plan up and running. You focus on pampering your guests while we focus on boosting your bookings.

Marketing your hotel doesn’t have to be difficult. Contact us, you won’t be disappointed. 

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