Google Ads for Med Spas – A Quick Step-By-Step Guide

How Do You Market a Medical Spa with Google Ads?

Using Google Ads for Med Spas is one of the most cost-effective ways to bring in new clients. This is because when you market a medical spa with Google Ads, you only pay for actual leads.

Online digital advertising is what we know best so let us share our knowledge with you.

Try Google ads for med spas for generating new leads and more revenue. This is everything you need to know to market a medical spa with Google Ads.

Why Use Google Ads for Med Spas?

Using Google Ads for med spas brings your online advertisement directly to your target audience. With a little spa marketing knowledge, it is possible to craft Google advertisements that show up at the right time and at the right place.

In other words, you can plan for your advertising to be seen by potential clients that are already interested in getting medical spa treatments. This improves your lead conversion rate.

What makes this service even better is their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Pay-Per-Impression (PPI) payment system. Essentially, this means that you only pay for whenever a person clicks on your advertisement or sees your advertisement.

You don’t pay for the times that this does not happen. That is why Google Ads for med spas are one of the most cost-effective marketing options.

The Google Adwords tools are also incredibly useful in marketing your medical spa. It gives you access to fantastic keyword planning, following search trends and more importantly, insight into how well your advertisements are doing.

Google remains the most popular online search engine, with millions of online searches every single day. Thanks to their advanced tools, when you market your medical spa with Google Ads you have full control over the results.

How to Market a Medical Spa with Google Ads: A Crash Course

Before you dive into the wonderful world of Google Ads for med spas, keep in mind these do’s and don’ts. Consider these steps a crash course into how to market a medical spa with Google Ads.

1. Know What to Advertise

By now you should understand that to market a medical spa with Google Ads is valuable but it is only valuable if you know what to advertise. First decide what key selling points you want to drive across in your advertisements.

2. Identify Your Target Market

The more personalised the ad is, the more successful the Google Ads for med spas become. This means you need to understand your target market, see the different segmentations and understand what works best for each specific group.

For example, how you market your medical spa with Google ads towards more mature female clients is different to how you market yourself to young male clients. The former might be more interested in botox while the latter might be more interested in hair restoration.

3. Organise Your Campaigns

One of the perks of Google Adwords is that you can run several advertising campaigns simultaneously. This lets your market several aspects of your business at the same time.

This marketing strategy is more effective than stuffing too much information into a single med spa advertisement. Identify the different messages and plan a separate Google ad campaign for each one.

4. Find Your Keywords

Make use of the Google keyword planner to find the most appropriate keywords for each campaign. The most popular medical spa treatments are a popular choice but factors like your location, beauty trends and trending topics in the news could also play into which keywords are most effective.

Remember that the most cost-effective keywords to rank for change over time so keep monitoring the effectiveness and price of your chosen keywords. You may have to adjust your campaigns accordingly.

5. Hire an SEO Expert for Copy

Knowing which keywords to use and knowing how to use them are two different things. The SEO rules are constantly changing so simply having a list of important keywords is not enough.

Consult with an digital advertising agency or an SEO copywriter on the texts that you will use when you market your medical spa with Google Ads. They can string together advertising text that not only ranks well for SEO but also matches your brand identity.

6. A/B Testing for the Same Campaign

You won’t know what works best until you give it a try. A/B testing is standard practice in marketing and it works no different in Google Ads for med spas.

Have your team put together several alternatives for the same campaign and run them all for a limited time. After the trial period, you can end the less successful options and invest more into the ads with the best lead generation.

7. Never Stop Monitoring Google Ads for Med Spas

Another advantage of using Google Ads for med spas is that it features great monitoring tools. Keep a close eye on the Google analytics (or let your Google advertising expert do it for you) to check how effective your campaigns are.

As mentioned, the success of Google ads are time-related. So, even if one advertisement proves wildly effective now, does not mean it still is in 3 months.

8. Don’t Forget About Your Website

Google advertising is for driving lead generation. You still have to walk through a few steps to convert those leads into paying medical spa clients.

A key element in this is having your med spa website SEO optimised because that is where your audience lands when they click on your ad. Make sure this transition is smooth and takes them to both the exact information that they are looking for and an online web app for booking an appointment.

Interested in giving Google Ads for Med Spas a chance but need more advice? Let the Prospekt Digital team help you market your medical spa through Google Adwords and watch the leads come through.

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