Google Ads for Restaurants: 7 Tips for More Reservations

Google Ads for restaurants are extremely important because most diners find new restaurants through Google. 75% of consumers choose a restaurant based on their mobile phone search.

Not investing in Google advertising means you are losing out on all those paying customers. Plus, the way that Google prices their advertising space is very cost-effective, one of the best ROI in online marketing for restaurants.

A Google Ads campaign fits within every budget. Whether you are a small family restaurant or a large national chain, this strategy works for every kind of establishment.

Here are our top tips on how to get more reservations with Google Ads for restaurants.

1. Integrate Google Ads for Restaurants with Reservation Apps

Most restaurants join third party reservation apps because they are undeniably effective. There is one drawback though; you are competing with all the other similar restaurants on that platform.

That is why we recommend integrating the reservations app with your Google Ads. Doing this automatically sends the person to a reservation page when they click on the ad.

Integrating reservation apps like OpenTable reduces the number of steps. Consumers like keeping things simple and fast and this combination tactic gives them just that.

2. Find the Right Foodie Keywords

An increasing number of business owners understands the importance of using the right keywords in their online marketing strategy. Keywords increase the online visibility of a brand which makes your restaurant easier to find.

Using the best related keywords in Google Ads for restaurants is very effective in targeting the right audience. This is because the keywords are one of the ways Google determines which ads to show alongside which search results.

Set up a list of keywords relating to your restaurant with your digital marketing specialist. This most likely includes words and phrases related to your location, cuisine and ambience.

3. Find a Balance Between Branded & Discovery Search Terms

Different keywords have different pricing in Google Ads for restaurants. The two types of search terms you need to know are branded search terms and discovery search terms.

A branded search term is a keyword or phrase that includes the name of the restaurant. Chipotle Toronto is one example of a branded search terms since it features the name of the franchise.

A discovery search term does not include the brand name. Taking the same franchise as an example, a possible discovery search term is best Mexican food Toronto.

Branded search terms are generally lower priced because they reach an audience that is already familiar with your brand. However, these branded ads also have a higher conversion rate.

Don’t skip the discovery search terms, though. The goal of these Google Ads for restaurants is reaching a new audience.

4. Create Mouth-Watering Google Display Ads

There are two types of Google Ads for restaurants: Google Display Ads and Google Search Ads. We expand on the latter in point 6.

Google display ads are the banners that pop up on other websites. We have all seen these paid promotions when opening a website.

This type of advertising space is more visual so consult your graphic designer for an eye-catching design. Limit the text but still entice the viewer to click on the ad.

The information and image that you want in Google display ads depends on the aim. Consider including your signature dish, a special promo deal or something else that is unique to your establishment.

5. Provide All the Right Info in Google Search Ads

Google search ads are only text, unlike google display ads. These appear like a regular Google search result, at the top of the results page, but have AD placed in front of the website link.

Since this is a different kind of format, the type of information you place here is different from the Google display ads. This type of Google ads for restaurants is for informing the audience.

People that search for a specific restaurant on Google are looking for specific information. Make sure that these Google search ads include the following elements:

  • Restaurant name
  • Short but concise description of restaurant
  • Location with Google Maps link
  • Reservation link
  • Phone number
  • Website link (preferably straight to reservation page)
  • (if possible) link to menu
  • Keywords of Google search term

6. Always Run Test Ads

One of the reasons why Google Ads for restaurants are so effective is the test functions. Think of it as A/B testing, a common practice in marketing.

Google Ads are very flexible so A/B testing is easily done. The system lets you run several ads simultaneously so you can monitor which performs best.

These ads can also be stopped, edited and re-launched at any time. This lets you pull a poor performing advertisement and replace it with the format that is more effective.

7. Consistently Monitor the Data

Access to data is the key selling point of Google so make use of all its data monitoring feature. Have your digital marketing specialist keep a close eye on how the Google Ads for restaurants are performing.

This is something that needs constant evaluation since how well an advertisement performs is also influenced by current trends. For example, in the summer more people search for restaurants with keywords such as outdoor dining or rooftop bar while in the winter popular keywords are cozy restaurants near me or restaurant open for Christmas.

Digital marketing is not a static strategy and needs constant re-evaluation. Since you are investing in these Google Ads for restaurants, you want maximum results in return. A Google Ads expert, like Prospekt Digital, helps you achieve that.

The Prospekt Digital team have years of experience in creating top performing Google Ads for restaurants. We understand the back-end requirements for setting up these online ads and know what to monitor once they are launched.

Think of us as an extension of your marketing team. Drop us a line and find out how we can lighten your load and help increase your reservations through Google Ads.

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