How Do Salons Attract More Customers?

The Best Salon Marketing Ideas for Growing Clientele

Type in salon marketing ideas into any search engine and you will get countless suggestions but which marketing strategies are the most effective in gaining more clients?

Here are the 10 best salon marketing ideas for greater lead generation and the highest return on investment.

Getting a salon open and started is the easy part. Bringing customers in? Leave that to us. 

Install a Photo booth

Positive references are everything for a salon. Since our hair styling, make up and nails are a very personal preference, word of mouth has a very strong influence on a salon’s reputation.

These days, word of mouth is not just spread over a cup of coffee with your neighbour. Social media posts are the modern day form of word of mouth and one that gets your far greater exposure.

Besides regularly posting before and after photos on your own channels, encourage your customers to do the same on their social media accounts. A cute photo booth in the salon is a great nudge for your customers to share their experience online.

Start a Digital Loyalty Program

The regulars are an essential customer base for any salon so how do you make sure your satisfied customers keep returning to your salon? You don’t need elaborate salon marketing ideas for this – what you need is an user-friendly loyalty program.

Go digital with your loyalty program so your customers don’t have to worry about forgetting their card at home. If you have the budget, consider creating an app since this will also function as a great information source of customer behaviour.

Lure In Followers with Special Deals and Discounts

Discounts and special deals are an excellent salon marketing strategy for gaining new customers. There are several ways to reach new customers with deals and discounts.

The best way to reach a larger target market is setting up online ads on both Google and social media. Social media platforms and Google allow for very specific targeting which leads to more effective social media campaigns.

Also considering partnering with other local businesses to create special package deals. This is beneficial to both parties as you can tap into each other’s followers and database.

Launch Google and Social Media Ads

Google advertising and social media ads on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are very effective. With just a few dollars, or even cents, per targeted advertisement you are able to generate a fantastic return on investment (ROI).

Consult a digital marketing agency on your salon marketing ideas and have them set up an online ad campaign for you. At Prospekt Digitial we have had great success in tapping into a larger customer base through Google and social media marketing for salons.

Make Sure Your Website Is Responsive

More and more of our daily tasks are performed through our smartphone. It is simple the most convenient. So, make sure that your salon’s website is responsive.

A responsive website is one that automatically adjusts the layout to fit the device it is being viewed on. This is especially important for gaining more bookings – even the best salon marketing ideas won’t be effective if the booking system is difficult to navigate.

Set Up a Social Media Competition

Are you looking for salon marketing ideas to generate more followers on your social media channels? Online competitions are a highly effective way to gain more followers and establishing a stronger digital presence.

Clever social media competitions have a few common elements in the terms and conditions. Tagging and hashtags are very important. Most competitions require the entrants to tag the salon, tag several friends and use specific hashtags.

The goal of an online competition is greater exposure and engaging your target market.

Engage the Social Media Followers of Your Staff

Everyone is online so get your staff involved with your salon marketing ideas. Getting your staff to share your social media posts on their own accounts instantly makes the salon account more visible.

This is also a smart social media marketing strategy for gaining new followers. It lets you reach new communities and a new target market.

Stay on Top of the Trends

Trends pick up quickly thanks to Pinterest and the strong presence of social media. This places extra pressure on your business to stay on top of the trends but it is also part of a strong salon marketing strategy.

Your salon marketing ideas should incorporate the hottest current trends. Perhaps there is a specific haircut that everyone wants. You can also tap into the holidays and special occasions by promoting themed nail art, for example.

Find out what is trending on social media and get in on the hype.

Manage Online Reviews

Social media mentions are not the only form of digital word of mouth. Online reviews are just as important and should be carefully managed.

Make sure you invest enough time to reply to reviews on Yelp, Google and Tripadvisor but also on your social media channels. Encourage your customers to leave a positive review, as well. You could even offer a discount on their next visit for posting a review.

Create Informative Content

Do you know why women’s magazines often offer advice on the best hair and beauty products? Many of these articles are sponsored by brands and you can do something similar for your own business.

Start a blog, one that is highly informative. This increases traffic to your website and also boosts your reputation as a professional salon. Both of these factors create lead generation and are likely to increase your bookings.

Our top 10 salon marketing ideas list is not exhaustive, there are many more ways you can grow your business. We also only touched on each strategy because the details are more elaborate.

Launching effective salon marketing strategies takes time and expertise so let us guide you in developing a strong marketing plan for your small business to gain more customers.

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