How Spa SEO Drives Traffic to Your Website

Top Spa SEO Tips that Guarantee Traffic to Your Website

SEO drives traffic to your website’ is a marketing mantra for any business, not just spas. However, it is especially important for services like spas because more traffic leads to more bookings.

A simple online reservation system does wonders for increasing the number of appointments but that is not what gets you to the top of the Google results page. A strong SEO strategy is what puts your spa at the top of the list. In other words, your spa website needs more content than just a handy booking system.

We have already outlined the reasons why a beautiful and easy to navigate website is essential for spa businesses in Best Spa Marketing Ideas for Your Website.

Here are our top spa SEO tips that drive traffic to your website.

1. Optimize Your Spa SEO with a Google My Business Page

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) revolves around ranking high on Google and other search engine results pages. Although there are many aspects to building spa SEO that drives traffic to your website, the first step is quite standard: complete your Google My Business (GMB) page.

The GMB page is all the information you see when opening Google Maps. It is vital that you fill out every single section for the best SEO scores.

Start by verifying that you own the business – this gives you access to editing the information. Don’t forget about incorporating the booking button feature, answering community questions and including a menu of spa services.

2. Ask for Customer Reviews

The Google My Business page includes a section for customer reviews. According to a study by MOZ on which factors affect a business’ ranking on Google, review signals are responsible for over 15%.

Review signals include the number of reviews, keywords in reviews, diversity in reviews and how frequent new reviews come up. This is a part of spa SEO where it is actually your clients that help drive traffic to your website.

Google is not the only website you need reviews on, though. Google also takes into account reviews from other review websites such as Yelp, Tripadvisor, BBB and Facebook.

3. Start a Blog to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Personal blogs first gained popularity in the early 2000s. Two decades later and they are a staple element of the biggest brands around the world. Why? SEO, of course.

Blogs are a fantastic way for incorporating keywords into your spa website. It allows for a lot of creativity from your brand because it is a free format medium. Plus, interesting content builds customer loyalty because there is a connection to the brand beyond your main product.

Optimizing each blog post for spa SEO drives traffic to your website. When using the right keywords a blog draws in new audiences, all of whom are potential new customers.

4. Choose the Right Keywords for Each Page

A blog is not the only place you should be using keywords. Your spa SEO drives traffic to your website when every single page is SEO optimized.

Think about which keywords and phrases are the most relevant for each specific page. Then, find out which long-tail keywords people use for finding the type of information on that page. We recommend consulting an SEO expert for creating a brand-specific set of search terms.

It is ideal when each page achieves a high SEO ranking but in practice this is very difficult. Sometimes meeting SEO qualifications is too disturbing for the design and clarity of the page. Don’t sacrifice everything for spa SEO.

5. Buying Intent vs Research Intent

When setting up a spa SEO strategy, think about what people want when using specific keywords. Are they searching for a nearby spa they can visit ASAP or are they just browsing for general information?

A Google search with the intent of making an appointment is where you see the greatest ROI. We call this buying intent. Spa SEO focusing on buying intent is what gets more clients walking through the door.

A Google search that (unintentionally) lands on one of your pages because of general spa-related information is research intent. These internet users are not planning for an appointment but rather looking for information about treatments options or current trends relating to spas and salons.

Research intent is where your blog shines. It drives traffic to your website in an organic way.

6. Get Links with Other Websites

One of the ways that Google determines the legitimacy of a website and business is through online mentions on third-party websites. Examples include review websites but also listings websites and other brands that are an authority in the spa field.

In other words, you want your company name mentioned by others and you want other websites to include links going to your website. These are called citations and inbound links.

Make sure your business information is present on online spa directories (citations) and is identical everywhere. Also, collaborate with other spa and beauty-related brands, businesses or blogs so they place a link on their website.

7. Check the Numbers and Trends

Spa SEO is not static, what works this month might not be as effective next month. That is why consistent monitoring and evaluating is an essential part of keeping the traffic to your website steady and growing.

Google Analytics are a key source of information for how your website performs in terms of SEO. Use this information to check which strategies deliver the best ROI, which tactics need changing and how the SEO landscape is expected to change.

As mentioned, the most important spa SEO rules are constantly changing. Frankly, setting up an effective SEO strategy that drives traffic to your website is time-consuming which is why many companies bring in external SEO reinforcements.

The SEO experts at Prospekt Digital are the perfect extension of your marketing team. Our experience in setting up SEO optimized spa websites gets you on the right path. Find out what we can do for your SEO strategy by sending us an email.

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