How to Advertise the Top Revenue Generating Treatments in Med Spas

Best Tools for Med Spa Marketing

The top revenue generating treatments in med spas shows how med spa treatments are becoming more common and popular. Knowing which tools to use in med spa marketing can grow your client list and profit.

As medical spa treatments become more popular, there is also more competition. Find out what the top revenue generating treatments in med spas are and how to best advertise these in your med spa marketing strategy.

What Are the Top Revenue Generating Treatments in Med Spas?

There are 6 med spa treatments that see the biggest demand. Offering these treatments and focusing on marketing them in your advertising sets great potential for boosting revenue.

The top revenue generating treatments in med spas are:

1. (Micro)Dermabrasion Facials​

Everyone wants smooth blemish-free skin which is why dermabrasion facials remain one of the top revenue generating treatments in med spas. There is no sign of this treatment becoming less popular in the next few years.

Dermabrasion facials, including a HydraFacial, are considered a gentler alternative to chemical peels. It is particularly interesting for new clients that are not used to medical spa treatments.

2. Chemical Peels

Although the name does not sound very appealing, it is a very popular med spa treatment. It was the most popular medical spa service in 2017 and further development in this treatment will likely keep it in a high ranking position.

Chemical peels are more effective than dermabrasion facials because they can go into deeper layers of skin. Consider this as a step up treatment for clients that are already frequently getting dermabrasion facials.

3. Botox

Botox has been popular for many years. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and is particularly popular among more mature men and women.

A new development in the use of botox is for reducing tension in the jaw. This type of botox treatment can be very helpful in clients that grind their teeth. This also shows that medical spas treatments are not only for aesthetic purposes.

4. Non-Surgical Body Contouring

One of the reasons why the top revenue generating treatments in med spas are becoming more popular is that it offers a non-surgical alternative to deal with personal aesthetics. Body contouring is an excellent example of this.

With body contouring, clients can achieve a fitter look without having to go under the knife. The combination of treatments in body contouring are a great source of revenue for medical spas.

5. Fillers

Celebrities and influencers have made the use of fillers, especially lip fillers, incredibly popular. There are several ways to achieve the full lips look and your medical spa can specialise in all or just one of them.

Fillers have a temporary effect which means there is a good chance of clients returning for repeat sessions. Fillers and other med spa treatments that are temporary are a great source of continuous revenue.

6. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal popularity has blown up in recent years. As the technology is developing further, it is becoming more accessible, too.

Although there are home laser hair removal devices, many clients still prefer coming in for treatment by a professional. Laser hair removal is a longer process which means it is a source of revenue spread over a longer period of time.

How to Advertise the Top Revenue Generating Treatments in Med Spas

Now that you know which med spa treatments bring in the greatest revenue, you can set up a med spa marketing plan that focuses on these profitable treatments. At Prospekt Digital, we have all the digital marketing tools to best promote your spa.

Here is a quick look at the best med spa marketing tools to promote the top revenue generating treatments.

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads for medical spas are very effective in reaching the target audience. This is because you already have a link to these audiences through your existing clients and Facebook followers.

Facebook has great tools for analysing ad performance, targeting niche markets and converting leads. There is also a fantastic feature which lets visitors book an appointment at your medical spa without ever having to leave the Facebook app.

2. Instagram Advertising

The advantage of Instagram advertising is that the ads do not have to look like an advertisement. Although all paid ads now have a ‘sponsored’ tag, the ad itself still looks like organic content – if done right, that is.

You can get very creative with Instagram ad space, including photo series and videos. This is the best platform for the visual content of your med spa marketing campaign.

Develop visual content of the top revenue generating treatments in med spas for your Instagram Ads. It is an excellent way to show the incredible results that your spa can deliver.

3. Google Ads

In med spa marketing, Google Ads are where you focus on reaching an audience with buyer’s intent. Since the ads are placed based on a keyword algorithm, your advertisements reach an audience that is already actively searching for information on med spa treatments.

There is potential for a big conversion rate if you create the right type of Google Ads. This requires expert knowledge on SEO optimisation which the Prospekt Digital team can help you with.

Formatting is also extremely important since there are two different setups for Google Ads; a search result and a banner. Our team is more than happy to explain how Google Ads work in more detail.

The goal of med spa marketing is gaining the most from the top revenue generating treatments in med spas. An effective digital marketing campaign can help you bring in more clients looking for treatments that are most profitable to you.

There is an art to digital advertising which requires insider knowledge into both your brand and the digital marketing rules and techniques. Collaborative efforts from both your in-house marketing team and the Prospekt Digital team can lead to incredibly effective revenue-generating digital ads. Contact us now!

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