How to Build a Beauty Salon App

Top Reasons Why a Salon Mobile App Will Grow Your Business

The beauty industry is a competitive market so you need to find a way to stay ahead of the curve. Creating a salon app is an innovative way to grow your business and it has lots of advantages that all lead to greater revenue.

Plus, our team at Prospekt Digital can handle everything from the design to the mobile app management so you can reap the benefits stress-free.

Let these perks and reasons for creating an app for small businesses convince you why you need a salon app.

Yes, building and managing a salon app is time consuming and requires a certain skillset. However, the ROI of a clever app is 100% worth it.

Boost Salon Customer Engagement

Digital marketing statistics show that apps are increasingly important in boosting engagement. Smartphones account for half of the time spent on media and 90% of that time is spent on apps.

Another interesting statistic is that 96% of people talking about a brand online are not actually following that brand’s social media accounts. Combine these two facts together and you should get a picture why a salon app is much more effective in engaging your customers.

Boosting customer engagement also improves your lead generation statistics. Through your own salon app you can automate leads which increases revenue by 10%. The same research also shows that businesses who nurture a lead are 50% more likely to make a sale at 33% less cost.

In short, the numbers show that a salon app is the way to go to boost your revenue and clientele pool.

Strengthens Salon Brand Loyalty

Your salon app is a great tool for creating brand loyalty. Simply having your business’ mobile app on their phone makes them more likely to book with you than go to a competitor.

For comparison, would you rather book a hotel through the Agoda app that is on your phone or go to the hotel’s website and book your stay from there? Everyone likes to keep things as convenient as possible so keep things simple and quick for your clients, too.

Stay In Contact with Your Salon Clients

Another statistic: replying to a potential customer within 5 minutes makes a sale 9 times more likely. Integrating an online chat service into your salon app lets you do just that.

The beauty of an online chat service is that you can automate replies. This can be used to guide the app users to the correct answer without an actual employee having to get involved.

Of course, there should also be  customer service team available whenever necessary. Still, chatting with a receptionist or customer service has a far lower threshold than calling and it is also quicker than email responses.

Showcase Your Salon's Services

An effective salon app includes an overview of all the services that are available at the salon. Make sure you provide all the information such as what the treatment includes, how long it is likely to take and the price.

People want to know what they can expect so ensure that the information is as complete and up-to-date as possible. Don’t forget to include pictures of the results and any testimonials that you may have.

Manage Your Salon's Booking System Online

One feature that cannot be missing from your salon app is an online booking system. This has benefits for both you and the client.

Having an online booking system means that you get realtime updates on any bookings. You will stay on top of things while spending less time on the administration side.

Booking an appointment through a salon app is also more convenient for the client. Plus, the app can set automated reminders for the booking which lowers your chances of a no-show.

The team at Prospekt Digital can help you integrate with Book4time, Mindbody, Shedul, Booker, and more!

Provide Fun Content

Besides providing all the basic information, an app is also an excellent format for getting creative in your digital marketing. Use it as a platform for interactive soft marketing such as videos, games or a blog.

The salon app is the perfect way to create a more authentic brand image, away from the countless sponsored ads on social media platforms. It is also a more affordable way to push special deals and new products.

Since it is your own platform you don’t have to pay for the advertising space. Plus, the user data that you gather through the app can be used for delivering targeted ads.

Accesses Data and Patterns

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook offer business accounts insights. Google Analytics also offers tonnes of information about visitor behaviour on the website.

The same can be done through your app with the added advantage of greater engagement and more precise details. This kind of information is priceless for pushing sales.

For example, the salon app can register whenever an user is about to make a booking but opts out before the confirmation. The app can then send a reminder to check whether they would still like to make the booking.

Offer Cashless Payments

Cashless payments are increasingly popular, again for the convenience. Virtual money is more complicated to incorporate but it is possible. To keep things simpler on your end it is smart to collaborate with an already existing online payment software company.

The cashless payment system should also include a loyalty program. Through this program your clients can save up points for special deals or discounts. This is yet another way to forge stronger brand loyalty.

The use of mobile phone apps is growing every day and it is becoming increasingly important for small businesses, too. On the business side, it is a fantastic marketing tool and database management tool. For the salon app users it creates convenience and loyalty perks.

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