How to Create Facebook Ads for Medical Spa Marketing

A Quick Guide to Effective Facebook Ads for Your Med Spa

Create Facebook ads for medical spa marketing if you want a better connection with your clients. This type of social media marketing is great for boosting brand visibility and strong target market interaction.

Learn how to set up the most effective Facebook ads for your med spa in this quick guide. This is how you generate more revenue from targeted social media ads.

Why Choose Facebook Ads for Medical Spa Marketing?

Facebook ads for medical spa marketing get amazing reach because it remains one of the most popular social media platforms. A large pool of potential clients is not the only advantage, though.

There are a lot of tools and datasets available to anyone creating Facebook ads. A social media advertising expert can take this information and set up highly targeted and highly profitable ads.

You get full insight into how many people have seen the ads, how many leads are generated, what it all costs and earns and which are the most effective Facebook ads for your med spa.

Target People, Not Online Searches

Most online ads are optimized based on keywords of the most popular searches. This is not how you create effective Facebook ads for your med spa.

When creating Facebook ads for medical spa marketing, you are focusing on reaching the specific target audience. Facebook ads are optimized based on who people are rather than what they are searching for.

When setting up the advertisement, you get to create a profile of your specific target market based on characteristics such as age, gender, interests, location, income and many more details.

Another way you can reach an audience with a high potential for ROI is by targeting ‘Lookalike Audiences’. Lookalike Audiences are a special Facebook feature that lets you focus your ads on people that are similar or somehow connected to your existing clients.

A Step By Step Guide to Create Effective Facebook Ads for Your Med Spa

Although we can get into a lot more detail on how to create Facebook ads for medical spa marketing,it is better to start with the basics. This way, you can follow what our social media advertising team is advising you.

1. Create a Profile of Your Target Audience

As mentioned, effective Facebook ads for your med spa are based an personal characteristics rather than keyword searches. So, create a profile of the target audience for your business.

Think about what kind of people walk through your door and what kind of people you want to attract. Include details on the demographic but also their interests and social status.

2. Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences and Custom Audience

Already have a client database? That is excellent because this can act as the starting point of you Facebook target groups.

If you have email addresses of your clients, you can upload these into your Facebook Ads manager to create a ‘Custom Audience’. You can create ads that are specifically for these Custom Audiences.

In other words, you can retarget your current clients or people that have opted in for your database. An audience that has already interacted with your brand is more likely to convert.

Working with your Custom Audience list and the profiles that are following your medical spa business page, you can create a profile for Lookalike Audiences. This expands your reach of people that are most likely interested in your treatments.

3. Create a Campaign Name

On Facebook, it is possible to run several ad campaigns at the same time. This lets you create personalised ads for specific audiences which are more likely to convert.

So, set up a clearly identifiable name for each ad campaign. This ad campaign name is for your own operational purposes, it won’t appear on the ad space itself.

4. Choose Between Automatic and Edited Placements

One of the choices you have to make is whether you want to choose when an ad pops up or letting the Facebook algorithm work out the best moments for an advertisement. The self-chosen placements are called edited placements and the Facebook chosen placements are called automatic placements.

Unless you have clear data on when your Facebook ads for your med spa are more effective, it is better to choose the automatic setting. Facebook gathers a lot of data to make their ad space more profitable.

5. Set a Budget

One of the advantages of Facebook ads for medical spa marketing is that the budget is flexible. You can spend as much or as little as you want, depending on how big of an audience you want to reach.

Although it can be effective to set a higher budget to reach a larger audience, there is potential for a higher ROI on a smaller budget Facebook Ads campaign. If you have good control over who sees your ads and create ads with a high click-through rate, you might not need as large an audience for the same number of leads.

6. Optimise Your Ad Format

There is a specific format to Facebook ads and you need to get this right. Bad formatting makes the ad look messy and won’t attract any clicks.

It is a good idea to test different set ups and see which ones get the most clicks and conversions. That is how you improve the ROI of Facebook ads for medical spa marketing.

7. Test & Monitor

Facebook not only gives you access to tools for creating an ad, it also offers great insight into monitoring your ads. Get the most out of your medical spa marketing by adjusting your ads accordingly.

Need help making sense of all the data and information? The Prospekt Digital team is more than happy to handle the technical backend tasks of Facebook Ads for your med spa.

Facebook Ads for medical spa marketing are a revenue source with great potential. Let the Prospekt Digital social media team guide you through the process and help you set up a brilliant campaign.

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