Prospekt Digital Service Offerings In Toronto

Prospekt Digital Marketing offers an array of SEO, PPC, web design, app development & social media advertising options for the hospitality industry.

Our team of experts can help increase your digital reach and get ahead of your competition.

In addition to your website being the front face of your business we will help design a custom digital strategy to reach your audience on other platforms across the web while focusing on conversion.

Learn more below on how digital can help your hospitality business:


Spas can use their website to help explain the differences in various types of services offered. A well positioned website combined with paid and organic traffic equals BIG results. We help get your online presence where it needs to be. 


In addition to your restaurant website design; We help restaurant owners implement Facebook & Instagram ads to show off their unique offerings to guests to entice them to come visit the establishment to get the full experience.


Hotels compete against one another but also against Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) for the fight of a direct booking on the website. A direct booking is the lowest cost acquisition channel available to hotel owners. Let us help you drive visitors directly to your website.


Nightclubs can engage with guests using Facebook and Instagram ads to create awareness of special events, exclusive VIP offers and more! None of which would be possible without your online foundation; Your website. 


Bars can entice their patrons by offering exclusive offers for new drinks or happy hour promotions through Facebook advertising.