Instagram Stories for Hotels

How Do You Promote Your Hotel with Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories for Hotels are a fantastic creative marketing channel. It lets you promote your hotel to the target audience directly, in an interactive and bite size format.

When using Instagram for hotel marketing, it is important to also post enough stories into your weekly content. This is because even though Instagram is still growing in popularity, its Stories feature sees much more activity than its posts feature.

Of the 500 million daily Instagram users, 400 million are using Instagram Stories daily. Plus, since the launch of this Snapchat-like feature, influencers are choosing to upload Stories instead of regular feed posts. So, take a cue from these master marketers and get in on the Instagram Story action.

Learn more about creating Instagram Stories for Hotels and how to promote your hotel on Instagram Stories right here.

Instagram Stories for Hotels: Organic Content vs. Sponsored Content

There are two types of Instagram Stories for hotels: organic content and sponsored content. Both types of content are an effective way to promote your hotel but with different end goals.

Organic content are the posts that only Instagram users that already follow your hotel account will see. The goal of organic content is to interact with your existing following, whether it is to inform, engage or advertise.

Sponsored content are the posts that you pay to promote, also called Instagram Stories Ads. Sponsored Stories will pop up when Instagram users are scrolling through the Stories of accounts they are already following.

The advantage of Instagram Stories Ads is that it does not always appear like a straightforward advertisement. If done right, a sponsored Story can look like organic content.

This is one of the reasons why you should promote your hotel on Instagram Stories. Audiences are tired of seeing advertising everywhere – hence the rise of influencer marketing and clever social media advertising features that feel like organic content.

Sponsored Instagram Stories for a hotels are a clever way for your brand to reach a new audience in a way that feels natural and not forced.

How to Promote Your Hotel with Instagram Stories

There are several ways to go about promoting your hotel through Instagram Stories. Create a list of your favourite Instagram Stories ideas for your business and then follow these tips to make them more effective.

1. Start with Your Most Popular Organic Story

Is your hotel already actively using Instagram Stories? Then, check the analytics to find which Story got the most engagement.

Chances are that your most effective organic content also performs well as sponsored content. Consider it a free way to test the success of a sponsored post before you actually have to pay for it.

2. Promote Your Hotel Special Offers

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Sponsored Instagram Stories for hotels are a great way to make your target audience aware that they can score a special offer for a limited time.

Unlike organic Stories, sponsored Stories stay online for as long as you paid for. This means that you can offer special deals for longer but have your audience feel the same urgency as a 24-hour offer.

3. Create Target Audience Segments

One of the perks of social media advertising is that you can launch several advertising campaigns at the same time. This lets you personalize ads on a mass scale.

By narrowing down your target audience into specific segments, you can promote your hotel in a way that appeals to each group. You will have to create several ads but they will be more effective.

4. Try Interactive Instagram Stories for Hotels

Instagram Stories for hotels are a great way to get more interaction with your audience. There are lots of Instagram Story add-ons that invite the viewer to engage.

There are many different formats for polling, formats for open-ended questions, a countdown and buttons that link to a website or specific Instagram post. Adding these features make following your hotel’s Instagram account a lot more fun – in other words, it is good for retaining your target audience.

5. Use Instagram Stories Ads Analytics

For every Insta Story that you post, including the sponsored content, you can check how well it performs through Instagram’s analytics data. To a trained eye, this shows exactly how many people have seen the ad and how many have engaged with it.

This is valuable information that can help you maximise your online advertising budget. Sound like too much work? Let the Prospekt Digital team handle the analytics section for you.

6. Swipe Up

One of the questions you need to answer when working on how to promote your hotel on Instagram Stories is how to increase the click-through rate. A simple way to encourage viewers to visit your hotel website is to use the Swipe Up function.

The Swipe Up widget appears at the bottom of the Instagram Story. It is essentially a link that takes the viewer to the designated page when they ‘swipe up’.

7. Promote Your Hotel Casually

As mentioned, the beauty of sponsored Instagram Stories for hotels is that it feels like organic content and so viewers are more likely to engage. However, this only works if your sponsored content still feels natural.

Overly professional sponsored content still feel like advertisements and that is not how to best promote your hotel with Instagram Stories. Find a balance in how to create casual Instagram Stories Ads that still get the right message across.

Unfamiliar with how to promote your hotel with Instagram Stories? The Prospekt Digital team is happy to walk your through it. In fact, we are experts in maximising the returns on Instagram Stories for hotels.

While you focus on how to convey your hotel brand’s unique style, we focus on the technical backend tasks like analytics, monitoring and processing. Together, we can create an incredibly effective campaign using Instagram Stories Ads for hotel marketing.

Marketing your hotel doesn’t have to be difficult. Contact us, you won’t be disappointed. 

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