Restaurant Website Design for More Reservations Now

The Key Elements of Restaurant Website Design for Boosting Reservations

Our restaurant website design has one goal: getting you more reservations now. Most customers Google a restaurant before making a reservation so your web design better be mouthwatering.

Let’s get into the statistics for why you need a website for customers to find your restaurant. 65% of smartphone users search for nearby restaurants. 85% of those researchers convert into a booked table. 64% of those conversions are complete within 1 hour.

Integration with third-party rseservation apps like OpenTable is important but your personal web app has much more potential. Plus, there are no overhead fees when a diner makes a direct reservation.

Let us explain each essential feature for fantastic restaurant website design and how this gets you more reservations now.

1. Restaurant Website Design for Local SEO Page

A carefully thought out website is the pillar of search engine optimization (SEO). Without SEO optimized restaurant website design your customers cannot find you online.

When done right, your restaurant will land on the first results page. Know that the first 10 Google results get most of the attention while the second page results get clicked on by less than 1% of searchers.

There are many elements to an effective SEO strategy so we highly recommend consulting an experienced professional. The Prospekt Digital team will function as an extension of your marketing department and handle all the back-end tasks necessary for ranking high on Google.

2. More Reservations Now Through Your Own Web App

With beautiful SEO optimized restaurant website design half of your job is already done. The second half is getting customers to make a reservation ASAP.

Your website needs to guide visitors to your personal reservations web app. An online booking system is the fastest way to get new customers, much faster than simply offering a phone number.

Most new customers find a restaurant while they are on the go. So, the easier and more efficient your online reservation system is, the more likely they will make a booking.

The Prospekt Digital team can set up a customized reservations web app for you or integrate a third-party booking system like OpenTable into your website.

3. Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Smartphone searches and tablet searchers now outweigh the number of searches from behind a desktop computer. This means that mobile-friendly website design is now a prerequisite for any successful website.

All websites designed by the Prospekt Digital team are responsive. This means that the format automatically adjusts to perfectly fit the device the page is being viewed on.

A website that is not mobile-friendly is the quickest way to lose customers. Just think about it, do you want to continue scrolling on a difficult to navigate webpage when you are on the go?

4. Location Location Location

The internet is not the only place you want potential customers to find you. Your actual venue should be just as easy to find.

This is why you should have clear directions and a Google Maps location of your restaurant on the website. As mentioned, many diners decide on a restaurant on the fly so being easy to reach always works to your advantage.

Make sure your location is clear on your Google My Business page so that there is a smooth integration with Google Maps. You can organize the website design is such a way that all the information is already optimized for Google My Business.

5. The Menu Is Unmissable

The menu is the single most important piece of information on a restaurant website. 59% of restaurant goers look at a menu before deciding to eat at a restaurant.

A restaurant menu must always be up to date. Any restaurateur knows the last you want to do is disappoint a customer that came in wanting to order something that is no longer available.

So yes, if you have a menu that changes every month you will need to update this on the website, too. Fortunately, this is not a difficult task. We can incorporate restaurant website design that lets you change the menu in minutes.

6. Photos That Make You Instantly Hungry

Besides offering all the essential information, great restaurant website design is also a treat for the eyes. Great food photos lure in the web visitor and makes them salivate at the thought of your signature flavours.

Although many business can get by on using stock photos, they won’t work for a restaurant. The photos must be original because they offer a sneak peek to the restaurant experience.

The reasoning behind this is similar to why you need an up-to-date menu; you don’t want to disappoint a customer. Using gorgeous stock photos but then presenting your customer with an underwhelming plate is a bad move for your restaurant reputation.

7. Links to Your Social Media Accounts

Social media is a popularity contest and as a restaurant owner you have no choice but to compete. There are simply too many benefits to social media for a restaurant to miss out on.

Benefits of social media for restaurants include connecting with your audience, receiving reviews and ratings and gaining a wider reach to new customers through your followers. Social media is one the best ways to interact with your customers and build a loyal following of frequent patrons.

Combining all the benefits of social media with all the benefits of great restaurant website design provides you with an undeniable online presence. Linking these platforms together also does wonders for your SEO ranking.

Going through all these key restaurant website design elements may have you feeling that it is a lot of work. The restaurant business is very demanding and here at Prospekt Digital we want to give you the tools to focus.

Let us take care of the restaurant website design while you take care of your customers. With our experience in building mobile-friendly SEO optimized websites you will see more customers walking through the door in less time than it takes Gordon Ramsay to start shouting.

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