Digital Marketing Services North America

Prospekt Digital Marketing offers an array of digital marketing services for the spa/salon industry. We cover all online services that your business needs from SEO and web design to Google and social media advertising.

Here at Prospekt Digital we create custom digital solutions, tailored to your business goals and objectives.

We do this by utilizing an array of digital tools to help you drive more website traffic and revenue for your business through our digital marketing services.

Learn more below on how each of our services help you earn more business:

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short,  is a set of online marketing strategies. It grows brand awareness and attracts more customers. This is not an overnight tactic but a long-term plan for steady growth.

There are many elements in an SEO strategy and it goes through many changes. The Prospekt Digital SEO experts stay on top of it all, leaving you to enjoy the positive results.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising with Google is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. You only pay for real leads, giving you one of the best ROI in digital marketing.

The Prospekt Digital team helps you create mobile-friendly Google Ads that put your website on the first Google results page. We can run several custom ad campaigns at the same time and change content specific to your business’s wants and needs.

Social Media Marketing on Facebook and Instagram sees amazing customer engagement. These visual apps are great for growing brand awareness and reaching a new audience that boosts your bookings.

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads offer fantastic ROI. They are a great tool for giving potential customers the last push they need to make a reservation.

Website design is incredibly important. A strong business website is the core of all digital marketing strategies. A mobile-friendly and user-friendly website is the best showcase of your business.

The Prospekt Digital web design team creates eye-catching websites. They are on-brand, easy to navigate on any device and draw in new customers. Our SEO optimized websites are the start of a new beginning for your business.