Digital Marketing Services Toronto

Prospekt Digital Marketing offers an array of SEO, PPC, web design, app development & social media advertising options for the hospitality industry.

Here at Prospekt Digital we work to provide you a custom solution tailored to your business goals and objectives.

We do this by utilizing an array of digital tools to help you drive more website traffic and revenue for your business through our digital marketing services.

Learn more below on how each of these assets can help you earn more business:

Search Engine Optimization is the strategy behind the website to get you found across the web. Not designed to be an overnight tactic, however, it is meant for a long-term strategy to be found when your customers are searching on Google for example.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising with Google is a great strategy for when you have a need-period for business or if you are opening a brand-new establishment. This allows you to run ads directly on Google and display your business at the top of the page as people enter keywords searching.

Social Media Marketing on Facebook and Instagram are two of the most visual social platforms that have a large audience for you to target. When ads are visually represented well, people take action. Did we mention this was one of the most cost effective forms of advertising to reach a big audience?

Website Design is so incredibly important as you want to keep it simple for your audience. The current trends are for your website to work well on mobile devices while providing superior and easy to use navigation. Your website should also be designed to convert your visitors once they are on your site.

App Development is another excellent tool to help increase loyalty and engagement with your audience. By creating a mobile app, you will be giving your customers full access to learn more about your brand, business and offerings. 86% of online customer engagement takes place on mobile apps.