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We make mobile & web apps

Prospekt Digital creates personalised mobile apps for your spa, restaurant, nightclub, bar or hotel. Connect and communicate with your customers in the most user-friendly way.

Let us ease the burden on your operations by creating custom web apps for your business. We can combine the booking system, marketing and sales into one simple programme.

Should you consider a mobile app for your business? Yes!

86% of online engagement happens in an app.

Mobile apps are the best way to engage with your audience. It brings your business in direct contact with the potential customers.

Consumers prefer mobile apps because they are user-friendly, offer 24/7 access and are a fast communication method. It gives mobile users instant access to your services and info, no matter where they are.

Connect directly with your customers and draw in new clientele with Prospekt Digital’s custom-build app development.

Most customers prefer making bookings or reservations through a mobile app. Having a business app with an integrated booking system exponentially grows your revenue.

With a booking system in your web app your operations become easier. It gives you a central admin tool, connected to your website. No more losing reservations because the phone line was busy.

Let the Prospekt Digital team simplify your reservation system so you have more time on the floor.

Get more bookings 24/7 while reducing admin costs with an online booking system.

Gain better insight into what your customers really want through a custom mobile app.

A custom business app is a great source of information on your target market. Find out exactly which products and services are in high demand with your clients through the app data collection.

The Prospekt Digital team develop mobile-friendly web apps with all the functions that your business needs. Whether it is for marketing or R&D, our custom apps are invaluable tools for your hotel, spa, restaurant or nightclub.

Not only are our mobile apps a custom design for your business, we can also customize the digital marketing strategies. Use the app user data for personalised offers that drive more sales and bookings. Create in-app deals or link to social media advertising.

The Prospekt Digital team takes care of all the back-end tasks that are part of your retargeting and marketing plan in the app.

Push new services or offer special deals, personalised for each mobile app user.

The Prospekt Digital app development team handles everything from the design to testing, maintenance and any other back-end tasks. The technology changes often and we take that burden off of you.

Bring your spa and hospitality business to new heights with our custom web apps and mobile apps. Connect with your customers like you never could before through a personalised app.

The Prospekt Digital apps deliver a full experience. They are mobile-friendly, match your brand identity and have all the functions that your business needs.

Your mobile app will be available for download on the Apple App store and Google Play.

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Business apps lead to HUGE growth in revenue. Let Prospekt Digital give your business a new boost with our custom mobile apps.

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