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Social media advertising is the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy. Reach your target market, grow your followers and increase your revenue with targeted social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Prospekt Digital is an expert in creating social media ads. Our social media ads generate more leads and boost bookings, delivering you amazing ROI. 

Let us grow your revenue through social media advertising, now.

Billions of people use social media platforms daily. Millions of those are your target audience. Prospekt Digital helps your business reach the target market through our social media advertising services.

Social media advertising opens up many possibilities for reaching a new audience. It is a targeted approach connecting your brand and business to the exact customers that you want.

Facebook ads and Instagram ads reach a specific audience. The Prospekt Digital team can target the audience based on location, demographics, interests and many more factors. 

Let Prospekt Digital connect your hotel, bar, nightclub, restaurant or spa to the right audience.

Paid social media ads offer faster and longer lasting sales results than free social media posts. The bookings come in earlier and continue growing as long as the campaign runs.

Other types of ad campaigns are not as consistent in their results. They peak earlier and the bookings drop soon after.

Create steady revenue growth with the Prospekt Digital team’s expertly crafted social media ads.

Social media advertising offers the most consistent growth in sales.

Remarketing with social media ads can increase conversions by 300%

A person that is already familiar with a brand is twice as likely to make a purchase or booking if a social media ad pops up. Customers see an ad after visiting the website or googling for nearby venues. This is remarketing, also called retargeting.

Remarketing is the final push to potential customers. This form of social media advertising doubles the conversion rate.

This type of targeted marketing leads to the highest rates of bookings for your restaurant, hotel or spa. Let us set this up for you.

In terms of cost, social media ads are the most affordable and the most effective. This is because you have full control over how many people see the ad.

Facebook and Instagram price their ad space based on how many people it reaches. The more social media users you want to reach, the higher the price.

However, compared to other forms of advertising, social media ads have a much higher ROI. So, even with a smaller reach your business gains more bookings.

Get the desired results within your specific budget.

Get the best results by adjusting the ad campaign based on specific data, straight from Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram offer a helpful ad campaign analysis tool. This tool shows exactly what performs well and what does not.

The Facebook and Instagram analysis tool may be difficult to understand with all the numbers and jargon. However, the Prospekt Digital team is an expert in analysing this information. 

Leave the social media advertising analysis to us and we will deliver the desired results to you.

Social media advertising reaches the most people with the least amount of money. It also sees the greatest return on investment. In short, it is the most cost-effective way for boosting bookings.

Fill up the reservations for your restaurant, spa or hotel with our expertly targeted social media ads. Whether you are hiring, hosting an event or launching a new product, the Prospekt Digital team knows how to get the message to the right audience.

Find out how we can increase your revenue with social media advertising now.

Set a target and we will support you to reach that goal.

Find out how the Prospekt Digital team can grow your audience and boost your revenue.

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