Start a Spa Blog for SEO Purposes

Spa Blog Ideas for Better Website SEO Ranking

Starting a spa blog for SEO ranking is an effective spa marketing strategy. By using spa blog ideas for interesting content, you are driving traffic to your website.

Most successful brands have a section on their website reserved for a blog. Not only is it good their website SEO ranking, it is also a way to improve engagement with your audience.

More traffic to your website means better brand visibility, more leads and so more bookings.

This is how to start a spa blog for SEO purposes – including spa blog ideas that will boost your spa website SEO ranking.

Tips for Starting a Spa Blog for SEO Ranking

1. Follow the Trends

Maintaining a spa blog for SEO purposes means staying on top of the trends. What are people searching for and reading about online and how can you spin content around it?

This requires proper monitoring and research for search engine optimization. It can be a lot of work but fortunately there are tools and SEO services available to make the job easier.

2. Connect with Social Media

Are you noticing a trend on your social media feed? Many fantastic spa blog ideas come from what is trending on social media.

A trend like this is a great opportunity for having your blog post go viral. Actively share the blog on your spa’s social media accounts and watch both your followers and website traffic increase.

3.Stay honest and Personal

When writing a spa blog for SEO, remember that you writing it for people, not bots. Even though drumming up spa blog ideas based on high ranking keywords can prove effective, it can also make your blog seem like click-bait.

Choose topics that make sense for your specific spa brand and what your existing clientele is interested in. This way your spa comes across as more genuine and is more likely to build brand loyalty.

4. Continue With What Works

Noticing more interaction, shares or activity with a particular blog post? Congratulations and let’s keep the ball rolling.

Analyse the spa blog ideas that make that particular post more successful and carry it on into the next posts. It may be the topic itself, the style of writing, the type of blog post (tutorial, review, personal story etc) or maybe it was posted and shared on social media at the most seen time and day.

5. Build on What Is There

At a loss for spa blog ideas? It is okay to revisit blog topics that you have covered before – in fact, this is fairly common practice in a spa blog for SEO.

Posting a series of blogs surrounding the same topic does several positive things for your spa website:

6. Focus on Unique Content

Your spa blog ideas should revolve around providing your target market with information or entertainment that they cannot find elsewhere. One common trap people fall into when starting a spa blog of SEO is copying the content of its competitors, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Some overlap is only natural but too much overlap is not good for your SEO ranking. If you are focusing on the highest ranking keywords, spin it into a blog post with a completely different angle than the competition.

7. Give Them the Numbers

People like to see facts and figures in the content that they read. It makes the piece more trustworthy and so your brand more of an authority.

It gets even better if you can turn these facts and figures into an infographic for a more visual stimulus. Visual stick better on the mind of your readers.

8. No Keyword Stuffing

There is a delicate balance between getting in all the right keyword phrases and stuffing in too many. For a better website SEO ranking, you need to master this balance.

Besides, there is more to search engine optimization than keywords. The Prospekt Digital team stays on top of the new SEO requirements and is happy to help you navigate them.

9. Make It Beautiful

When creating a spa blog for SEO ranking, you cannot forget about the rest of the web design. SEO optimized web design for your spa website is just as important as the content of your blog.

Nobody wants to read huge chunks of text, no matter how compelling the information is. Make sure your digital manager transforms each text into an eye-catching format with a clear structure and appropriate images.

Spa Blog Ideas to Boost Website SEO Ranking

Here are a few spa blog ideas that can drive more traffic to your spa website.

1. Product Reviews

What: Expert insight and feedback on products you use in your spa treatments

Why: Shows your expertise and lets you boast about your spa treatments and product quality

Example: Should You Add Brand X Face Mask to Your Beauty Routine?

2. Tutorial

What: Step by step instructions (video or text) for an at-home treatment

Why: High search volume and engages target market

Example: How to Make Your Own Natural Scrub at Home

3. New Treatment Intro

What: Description of a new spa treatment

Why: Promotes your services

Example: All You Need to Know About Light Therapy Masks (+ Discount on Your First Session)

4. Answer to FAQs

What: Explanation on popular new trends or common spa-related questions

Why: Easy SEO ranking, establishes authority, answers your clients questions

Example: Is Vitamin C good for Ageing Skin?

There is a creative side and a technical side to starting a spa blog for SEO ranking. Let the Prospekt Digital team handle the back-end technical side so you can focus on writing creative content (or have one of our SEO writers do it for you).

Marketing your spa doesn’t have to be difficult. Contact us, you won’t be disappointed. 

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