7 Best Night Club Marketing Tips

7 Easy Steps to Take Your Night Club Marketing to the Next Level

The night club industry is not an easy business to succeed in which is why these night club marketing tips are now more important to master than ever.

An effective online marketing strategy is the key to club promotion. With the ever growing presence of social media, being seen at the right place at the right time has become more important than ever. This human tendency is exactly what night club marketing strategies need to tap into.

Here are our top night club marketing tips that maximise the power of social media to generate a consistent hype around the night club.

There are a lot of overheads and limited hours where you are running at full capacity. Consistently drawing in large crowds is absolutely essential but it is easier said than done.

1. Find the Target Market

Identifying the target market is a basic principle for any business but it is also a key element in developing a successful night club marketing strategy for social media. Find out which social media platform your target market uses the most and let those platforms be the focus of the night club’s marketing strategy.

For example, if the target market barely uses Snapchat, there is no need to build a big presence on that platform. Similarly, if the target market are avid users of Instagram then optimize the content schedule for maximum reach through Instagram.

Use integrating software to link the accounts on different platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This saves you time and makes sure that there are no discrepancies in the information available online.

2. Mix Mediums

Understand that each social media platform has their own medium. Twitter focuses on texts while Snapchat on short videos. Instagram and Facebook support both images and videos. Whatever the medium is, the post that you release should be optimized for that specific platform.

In practice this means that the night club marketing posts take on different formats. It is good to mix mediums so that your audience does not grow bored. Consistency in branding is good but never changing content can cause you to lose followers.

Live feeds are also very popular and highly engaging. It is possible to start a live stream on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Utilize each platform.

3. Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

Certain night clubs deliver excellent content but it is always a good idea to have others post about your night club, too. There are several benefits of encouraging user-generated content and these benefits are amplified when it is content posted by a social media influencer.

Influencers are great partners for creating a hype around a night club. There are several social media influencers with a strong reputation for putting night clubs on the map with their loyal following. Have the marketing team perform research on which influencers have the strongest ties to the night club’s target market and contact them for collaboration possibilities.

4. Get Interactive

To get more user-generated content it is important to create social media posts that are interactive. Any night club marketing strategy should incorporate how to improve engagement.

There are several ways to do so for a night club. Social media polls are a great tool since it allows night clubs to perform market research and collect user-generated content at the same time. It has a low threshold for engagement since it is a simple click of a button. Asking the public for tagged photos and videos is also always a great idea.

5. Start Competitions

Another highly interactive social media format is competitions. Social media competitions are a fantastic strategy for night club marketing. It encourages engagement and user-generated content but also are a direct way to drive up the customer numbers.

Night club competitions don’t have to be complicated nor expensive to set up. One example is putting out a Call to Action (CTA) that asks followers to tag all their friends that they would want to put on the guest list for a particular event. This spreads the word on an event, brings new followers to the social media platforms and only comes at the cost of a few free entrance passes.

6. Build a Database with Social Media Guest Lists

Everybody wants to get on the guest list. It gives people a sense of prestige and makes them feel like they are getting a slice of VIP treatment. When used as part of a night club marketing plan it is also a great source of information to build a database.

Facebook is the best platform for encouraging people to sign up for a guest list. This is because you can create an event and have people register as coming, maybe or not going. That in itself already provides the marketing team with information on their target market, what kinds of events are popular and which events don’t perform as desired.

It is completely fine to limit the guest list. Some clubs set a cut off time or a maximum number of guest list spots, for example.

7. Invite Night Club Photographers and Videographers

We have all seen dark and blurry images or video go by on our social media feeds. Night clubs are not the easiest place to take a good photo or video because of the lighting. However, photos of a great crowded night is essential content for a night club’s social media feed.

The solution is inviting professional night club photographers and video makers. They will have the right equipment to take stunning pictures in the lighting conditions of a night club. They are your best bet when building a collection of stock photos and videos for the social media accounts.

Night club marketing is about more than just reaching a high number of followers. It is about community building and becoming a go-to location. Let us guide you on how to use social media as an effective marketing tool for your night club.

We will work closely with you to develop a marketing plan unique to your Night Club business; and is designed to convert your visitors.

Every Nightclub is different, but yours should be extravagent.

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